Life Coaching & Therapy

Have you ever considered the amazing benefits of having a life coach?

It’s an opportunity to gain insight into behaviours and emotions, learn valuable coping strategies, overcome obstacles and learn problem-solving skills that you can use at home or at work.

Whether it’s mental health concerns, or you simply want to grow and thrive, I can help you find your sparkle!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Georgie ✨

I’m a fully qualified counsellor, master NLP practitioner, life coach, yoga and mindfulness practitioner, specialising in teen yoga, oh and a Theraplay practitioner with a whole lot of other sparkles in my bag.

What my clients say

I first met Georgie when I was in a really low place. I had been diagnosed with Type II Bipolar and was struggling to bring some calm to my life. I was all over the place.

Georgie spent so much time listening to my challenges, and just very gently offering ideas for me to find the calm I craved so badly. We tried some things – it didn’t all work – but much of it did start to make the changes I needed. Georgie helped me to introduce some strategies to manage my life and the unhelpful thinking which was taking me over.

And so to today, when I feel so much calmer and in control of my life. The thoughts don’t run me any more. I can control them and I feel in the driving seat again. This is truly the greatest gift that anyone could give me.
Thanks so much, Georgie!

David – Client

“I have tried other counselling services but nothing has helped me more than the sessions I have had with Georgie. She is warm, compassionate and instantly puts you at ease. She has an extraordinary inate ability to listen, understand and empathise. My sessions have been truly life changing with Georgie’s guidance and encyclopaedic knowledge my eyes have been opened, I feel lighter and able  to effectively cope with life’s ups and downs.  I honestly can’t thank her enough she truly sparkles and so will you!”

Laura – Client