My story

Hi, I’m Georgie

I’m a fully qualified counsellor, master NLP practitioner, life coach, yoga and mindfulness practitioner, specialising in teen yoga, oh and a Theraplay practitioner with a whole lot of other sparkles in my bag.

I’m married and live in Welsh Wales, I have four amazing babies; the oldest being 31 and the youngest 12, along with two crazy Sprockers called Trigger and Betty – and a whole farm yard on my back door step… literally. After overcoming one traumatic experience after another and finally finding the real me, I now live my life filled with love, hysterical moments, seeing the whole world differently and living each moment fully.

I’ve always had a passion for people, desperately wanting to help others which has been reflected throughout all my career choices, what I lacked however was a full ‘innerstanding’ of the whys of my own life.

I prefer the term innerstanding, rather than understanding, which to me is reflective of self, rather than someone else’s beliefs.

Why do I do the things I do?

Why do I feel the way I do?

Why do I react the way I do?

The answer to these questions ultimately comes down to self and a full and deep innerstanding of who we really are as opposed to who we’ve been told we are, and the experiences of self and others that have ultimately shaped each of our lives individually.

These questions have been an essential part of my journey, my experiences even more so and have led me down many a rabbit hole of crazy thinking and frustrations, but when I finally began to innerstand how my brain works, how mind and brain are different, how the brain stores our experiences as memories that can become skewed and built on over time, and went back and looked at the bigger picture of all my experiences and the emotions attached to those experiences, I saw that life could actually happen for me and not to me.

Our body’s are moment by moment asking the question “Am I safe?” and the brain is reacting moment by moment to our external experiences through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Its like having an inbuilt health and safety officer in your brain, but based on our experiences can often forget their glasses and convince us a lion is coming to attack us when In reality it’s a kitten!

I’ve spent thousands of hours studying and researching anything and everything I could get my hands on, from neuroscience, to quantum physics, the biology of stress and how it negatively impacts us, and what an amazing journey it has been.

The aha moments and the face palming moments with del boys voice in my head saying “mange tout, but of course!”, have been many. I’ve laughed and I’ve cried, soft tears when I realised I did nothing wrong and great big ugly crying when I realised how my vulnerabilities had made me the victim to someone else’s pain, feeling the emotion of the moment – allowing myself to feel it, let it up, let it out and let it go has ultimately led me to now live my best life ever, my way and on my terms; taking full responsibility for my choices and standing in my own truth rather than the opinions of others, and opinions as I always say are like bottoms we all have one!!

So my passion and what makes my heart sing is supporting others on their journey, their journey home to themselves, standing with them, loving them through the process, seeing the joy on their faces when they too have their Del boy moments and seeing them realise that they’re actually a walking sparkly diamond drenched in magic.

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